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Established in the mid 1990's, Wesley Media was set up to provide a highly specialised music service to the bereavement community. Using the resources of its mother company - The Yaboo Company Limited, a company of professional musicians, recording engineers and production managers, each having considerable experience in the music business (through ventures ranging from the recording of Gregorian chant to the promotion of pop and rock concerts) - Wesley Media provides a unique library of recordings specifically for use in crematoria.

From the very beginning the company made it its business to provide clients with exactly what they wanted, and to continue this on an on-going basis. The result has been a continuous development of our services culminating in the on-line computer-controlled music system provided today.

With our extensive knowledge of and access to all types of recorded music, we have become the one-stop music solution to our clients - "if it's available, we'll provide it"! At Wesley Media we take immense pride in the special relationship developed with each and every one of our customers, and we dedicate ourselves to the continued update and development of our services.

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