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Music Library

The music library that we install on each system consists of four sections:


Our wide selection of hymns has been recorded at a well-known Northamptonshire church using a superb pipe organ played by a classically trained and eminently qualified organist. A unique feature of many of our hymn recordings is the use of a small choir of young people whose voices have been recorded in such a way as to encourage others to join in with the singing rather than creating a performance for listeners only. Organ accompaniments without a choir are also included. Where verses of a hymn are to be omitted for a particular service, a recording can be edited to match the requirement.


This is a selection of items commonly requested for the opening and closing of services. They were recorded using the same pipe organ as for the hymns, and can be 'looped' to play continuously for as long as required.


The largest part of the library consists of commercial music tracks supplied from our vast collection. Additional tracks are continually added in response to specific requests. This section may also include items from the client's existing collection.


This is a section where we place non-standard items for specific services, such as family recordings. They will not appear on any published library lists.

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