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The Wesley Media Computer Controlled Music System

Participating clients receive a specially adapted PC Desktop system, loaded with the WM operating software and music libraries. In many cases the system is easily connected to the site's existing speaker system, and it will be commissioned by our own technicians. Installation will be followed by up to one day's training on site.

The system includes initial libraries of over 1000 items. Clients and users of the system are able to request music not already stored on their system by contacting Wesley Media at least 48 hours (and ideally 72 hours) prior to their requirement, either by telephone or via the 'Online Music Request' form found on this website, here. Wesley Media will then deliver the requested track electronically to the client's system.

Requests for music items will, of course, depend upon their current commercial availability. Lists of music currently at each site are available here, and are updated regularly.

All clients enjoy software updates as released, and full technical support from Wesley Media, who give an immediate response to all enquiries and replacement of faulty equipment within 24 hours where necessary.

Payment for the service may be made monthly, quarterly or annually by cheque, credit card or BACS.

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