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Wesley Media Webcasts allows families and friends to ‘virtually’ attend a service wherever they are in the world.

It’s unfortunate that in many cases, invariably there will be loved ones who are unable to attend. Whether this is due to schedule conflicts, poor health, distance, financial challenges or any varying reason, Wesley Webcasts grants absent friends and family members the opportunity to be a part of the service without being physically present.

All participating Wesley Media sites have cameras installed to capture the service. This service is then streamed LIVE via a secure private link and recorded. Family members can share the secure link and password with whomever they choose.

This service will be available to view ‘On Demand’ for up to 7 days after the service has taken place. All streamed services are recorded and available to purchase on USB or DVD after the service has taken place.

CLICK HERE to log in and view a webcast.

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